You’ve read all the Government Speak and still – what goes where?  It makes no sense to you.  I get it.  Some people look at a form and it becomes a blinding blur with a jolt of panic – still, you need to know… how do you connect all that speak with the form?

Please, allow me break it down – section by section, piece by piece.  Feel free to pull out your form and follow along.



Section 1 – The Applicant Submission Section

This is the part that is all about the ORI Number and how you will be recognized.  Will you be a volunteer?  Will you be an employee?  Are you getting a license?  Here is where you are going to identify that information.  Now, if you are trying to figure out where that ORI number comes from, don’t worry, there is section all about that too!

Section 2 – The Contributing Agency Information Section

This is the part that is all about who sent you in.  What is the company or agency name and location information?  This information is necessary so that the DOJ and FBI know where to return the results from your live scan – not everyone is electronically engaged.  You cannot just pull up a blank form from the internet and put your name and address or your company name and address in this section and expect to get results.  You have to apply for an ORI number and you have to be approved by the DOJ and FBI to get the results.  Again, don’t worry, there’s an entire section devoted to applying for one…

Section 3 – The Applicant Information Section

This is the part that is all about YOU!  If you are not sure about some of these questions, pull out your ID.  If you have a California Drivers License or ID Card, all of this information is right there.  And no, your weight and hair color don’t have to match what’s on the ID.  Let’s face it, we loose some, we gain some, we color some – some things change.  If there is a billing number on your form – it’s your lucky day!  You are only responsible for paying the rolling fee.

Section 4 – Facility/Organization Number and Level of Service Section

This is the part that is all about, well, things that don’t fit anywhere else.  Your number could be anything from your nursing license number to the identifying number of the place that you work.  Some groups use this field to identify specific programs, schools within a district and team names.

The level of service is determined in two ways.  One – your employer decides.  Two – your ORI number automatically determines what is necessary and you don’t get to choose.  Easy.

If you have to have a “do-over”, then this is where you are going to enter the first ATI number you were issued.

Section 5 – The Employer Section

This is the part that is all about who you are going to work for.  Seems pretty straight forward… right?

Section 6 – Live Scan Transaction Completion Section

This is the part that is all about person who is actually taking your fingerprints.  What company do they work for – it needs to be listed.  The current date – no back-dating!  And how much you paid.  This form will act as your receipt – so if you are looking to get reimbursed, don’t loose this form! And most importantly – the ATI number!  No matter what else is listed on the form – get that number!  Make sure it’s there.