HELP! What does that mean? I don’t speak “government”!


blahIn the world of forms, there all kinds of abbreviations – acronyms as they say – and below is a listing of the ones you will find in the fingerprinting world!  Enjoy – now you have something new to toss out at your next social engagement!

  • Department of Justice
  • Originating Reporting Agency Identifier – What – where’s the A?   I know – crazy right?  Well if you are a company that needs to fingerprint employees and/or volunteers, well then you are going to apply for one of these numbers.  The process isn’t horrible, but it does take some time to get through the paperwork and even longer to get approved for the ORI number.  The bright side is that once you have that number, you are set!  And best of all – there is no cost for getting one of these numbers!
  • Automated Transaction Identifier – After one is printed, the computer spits out this number and it is written at the bottom of your form by the fingerprint technician that takes your prints.  The number is your “proof” that you were printed – it associates you with your fingerprints when they are sent to the DOJ and FBI.
  • The ATI typically looks something like this:  B123ABC456 (Alpha Number Number Number Alpha Alpha Alpha Number Number Number) – That is one Alpha character (a letter) three digits (the julian calendar day of the year – 001 would be January 1st, etc) three Alpha Characters (the first two letters of your last name and the first letter of your first name) and finally three numbers (these are randomly generated numbers)
  • Original Automated Transaction Identifier – If you need to come back and get “reprinted” we need to have the original ATI number.  Without that you will have to pay all of the fees all over again and that would not be fun!  If you are notified to get reprinted, bring the letter or email that you receive – really – you don’t want to have to pay again!
  • Originating Agency Case – What?  I asked the same thing!
  • This an agency identifying number.  Some agencies assign a unique number to each applicant.   The “Your Number” or OCA field is provided for this information.   This is the location where you will enter Facility ID numbers and Professional License numbers for renewals.  It can also be filled with any information the Requesting Agency might want to add – ie, school name, job number, project name, etc.
  • Live Scan = electronically transmitted fingerprints – simple enough – it’s just the process.
AKA – Also Known As – Alias
  • The terms “AKA” and “Alias” mean any other name or names you have every used legally.  This includes maiden names, previous married names, hyphenated names, names you used before you changed names through immigration, etc.  This does not include nicknames your friends call you, your significant other calls you or the guys at the bowling alley call you… dude
  • Height – the correct entry is 5’8″ or 508
  • Weight – I don’t have a scale in my office and I don’t judge – weights fluctuate on a regular (daily) basis – but try to be close or at least reasonable.
  • Drivers License – If you have to ask – you don’t have one and you really shouldn’t be driving…. just say’n
  • Passport
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth – not the hospital – Country or State
  • Social Security Number
Mail Code
  • This is a 5 digit code assigned by the DOJ (Department of Justice) to Applicant Agencies.  A Mail Code is specific to the agency which it is assigned.  This is not a zip code!