Is it worth is?  How long does it take before I can open my doors?  Do I need to do to get a license?  Do you make any money?  It seems so simple, why do I need you?

Oh the questions I get!  Let me just say – Yes, It depends, Of course you do – several, I certainly have, because it’s more complicated than you think.

Still not sure if it’s right for you – let’s chat.  I am happy to offer you a one (1) hour complimentary consultation – just to make sure.

If you are sure – no doubt you are ready, you probably want to know what I have to offer.

From start to finish:

  • Insight – What comes first?  What are the requirements?  Where should you set up shop, do you even need a shop?  Where do you get your hardware?  Where do you find clients? And more.
  • Education – Understanding the whole live scan process in general.  Understanding the specifics of the process.  Understanding your role and responsibility in the industry.  Understanding and setting up the back end of the business. Learn how to roll a great print.  And more.
  • Direction – Where do you get forms?  Where do you get license information?  Where do you go when you need help?  And more.
  • Support – Questions come up on a daily basis, I am here to answer those questions or guide you to the places you can get answers.

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