Ok – so let me be blunt.  You are an amazing person – you are kind, thoughtful and caring – but seriously, sometimes your fingerprints are just awful.    They are dry, they are wrinkly, they are dripping wet, they are a lot of things, but perfect is not one of them.  There are thousands of reason why they are what they are and sometimes there is just no changing that.  We try – we really do.  We add moisturizer to the dry hands, use a professional car shammy to dry the wet ones and then just ponder the future of the wrinkly ones.  The great live scan agencies tell you that you might be coming back in – or that you are definitely coming back in – they gently prepare you.  Others don’t.

Check out this scenario – You come in and get printed and off you go planning your future.   Several days or weeks but hopefully not months later,  you get the letter, the email, the call – whatever form of communication your requesting agency uses.  They tell you to go back in and get printed again because… “your fingerprints were no good”, “the DOJ didn’t get your prints”, “they were poor quality” (this is the correct answer),  whatever it may be.

WHAT???????  There is a sudden panic – what is wrong with my fingerprints?  Then you think – it’s not me, they did it wrong!  They being the fingerprinting technician.  So back in you go – and please remember that you need proof that your prints need to be resubmitted (bring the notification).  A couple of other things here – please don’t be indignant, critical or a finger pointer – I will say it again – sometimes your fingerprints are just awful.    

Fingerprinting agencies don’t make money by re-doing fingerprints.  Anyone being reprinted by the same agency has it done at zero cost.  So the goal by the amazing agencies is to send off the best prints they can – the first time.

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