And if there isn’t enough – below allows you to break it down by finger!  Again …. believe what you will….

Need more of the fine details?  Check out Part 1


  • Thumb – how a person approaches doing things
  • Whorl: independence in decisions and actions.
  • Arch: decisions based on tried-and-true outcomes, traditional values.
  • Tented Arch: likes to make decisions that create change, shake things up.
  • Composite Loop – difficulty in making decisions.

Index finger

  • Index finger – how a person thinks about himself.
  • Whorl – very independent with a high preference to work alone.
  • Arch – cautious and stubborn with dislike of change
  • Radial loop – very friendly people person who cannot to say no
  • Composite – uncertain what they want, have problems making decisions
  • Tented arch – Tented Arch: intense personality; has trouble knowing when to quit

Middle finger

  • Middle finger – how a person thinks about work and values
  • Whorl – Whorl: unconventional lifestyle in work, religion or family.
  • Arch – pragmatic, old-fashioned values
  • Tented Arch: a bit fanatical over chosen lifestyle, career or values.
  • Radial loop – easily adaptable to other cultures and careers

Ring finger

  • Ring finger – how a person expresses himself
  • Whorl – high interest in fashion, music and art
  • Arch – high interest in classic physical expressions of
  • Tented Arch: intense desire to display skills or expertise.
  • Radial loop – easily adaptable to other cultures and careers

Little finger

  • Pinkie finger – how a person feels about communication
  • Whorl – love of specialized knowledge. can have unusual romantic inclinations.
  • Arch – very cautious and particular about speech. Romantic and traditional.
  • Tented Arch: unbridled enthusiasm for language, communication in general, and sex in particular.