WHO KNEW? What type are you?  Ever wonder what those lines mean?  Some people read their horoscopes, some read their palms and then there are those that simply turn over their hands and examine their fingerprints!  Below are some of the most current interpretations, believe as you will…

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The Simple Arch

This fingerprint is seen less then the loop or the whirl and is said to be the sign of someone with an an analytical mind who is practical and cautious. They prefer traditional values and do not like change. People with numerous arches on their fingertips can be difficult to get along with as they are very set in their ways. A career with a high level of methodology and little surprise suits someone with these kind of prints.


The Tented Arch

People with this fingerprint pattern are usually really confusing. They can be extremely welcoming one day and completely uninterested the next. They are very creative and are not afraid of challenges. However, they can be very impulsive.


 The Ulnar Loops

This is the most commonly seen type of fingerprint. People with looped fingerprints tend to be of average intelligence with a pleasant even tempered demeanor. They are quite happy to go with the flow and are generally content in life. They make excellent partners and employees and are comfortable following rather then leading.


The Radial Loops

People with a radial loop pattern tend to be self-centered and egocentric. They love to go against the majority, they question and criticize. They love their independence and are usually very clever.


The  Peacock’s Eye

This print is somewhat rare and looks like a typical looped fingerprint with a whirl in the center thus giving it the appearance of a peacock eye. It is thought to be the sign of someone with artistic talents, especially if seen on the ring finger which is said to connect with our creativity and inner self. It also signifies someone who is happy marching to the beat of their own drum and who may seem a little odd. It would not be unusual for the possessor of this fingerprint to have an unusual personal style and work in a creative field.


The Variant Patterns

People with such a complex pattern can usually offend people easily. Their way of expressing themselves is usually very unique which tends to put people off.



The Press Whorl

The second most prevalent fingerprint is the whorl. Those who bare these fingerprints tend to be above average in intelligence, independent and have a dominant personality type. They would much rather lead then follow. Finger placement of the whirl is of the utmost importance as it reveals much about the personality. A whorl on the thumb reveals high intellect and a strong will. Whirls on both thumbs may indicate a controlling nature and an “iron will,” or lack of flexibility. Someone who predominantly possesses whorls on their finger tips can be extremely intelligent, organized, exacting and controlling. A strong willed perfectionist.

A hand that has only one or two whorled fingerprints is very desirable as it shows a bright, organized mind without the desire for perfectionism.


The Composite Whorl

People with such a fingerprint tends to be a very good communicator. They have amazing coordination skills and make decisions taking cue from the environment they are in, which makes them very adaptable. However, they get distracted quite easily.


The Spiral Whorl

People with this fingerprint pattern are very self motivated and individualistic. They tend to love their solitude, which might make them seem a bit aloof, but really, they’re just trying to find their niche.


The Imploding Whorl

A person with an imploding whorl pattern is usually very self-conscious, and a tiny bit shy as well. However, they are great at multi tasking and are very open minded.


The Concentric Whorl

People with this fingerprint pattern are usually self-loving. They love setting objectives for themselves and hate being controlled in any way.  They are very subjectively sound people.