do-overIt’s the age old question that I hear on a daily basis.  Why must I keep having my prints taken?

It’s not like I’m a criminal or something.  They have my prints – I’m a doctor, a lawyer, teacher, contractor, whatever.  But still – they must be retaken.

The deal is that there is no sharing.  And when you fill out the paperwork, you are filling it out for one specific agency.  So – if you decide to become a bad guy, only the agency that requested your prints will be informed of your change in status.  It’s not like that agency would know who else you are working or volunteering for – so how would they know who to call?

Really?  Yes – it’s one of those things.  Not only did we vote on it – but it does protect your privacy!

Think of it this way – if you passed the first time, you should pass the second or third time – right?