What is livescan?  Where are my fingerprints?  Why don’t you share?  You are charging me what?  I have done this at least 10 times this year!  I already have a security clearance!  Ohhhh, I want to start a business like this.  Ok, I started a livescan business but I need support!

It’s questions.  It’s concerns.  It’s all of the above and then some!

Plain and simple, I have more than nine years in the industry and I started from scratch.  From the first license to opening the doors, I can guide you through the entire process and get you started on the right foot!  My business was (I sold it)  ranked number 1 on Google for years – I never paid for that – I EARNED that and so can you.

If you are already up and running and are looking to fine tune your business, I can provide you with easy to implement suggestions that will help you take your business to the next level of success.

As a customer looking to get fingerprinting – for you or for your employees or volunteers – you might have questions and no one seems to be giving you an answer – we will!